International refrigerated cargo trucking

Our main business profile is the transportation of medicines and high-value cargo

About the company

Our company has been providing the most complete range of services in the international cargo transportation market for more than 10 years.

Being a full member of ASMAP, a customs carrier, Viaduk M LLC carries out international cargo transportation by its own transport, whose fleet is constantly expanding and renewing. Today our fleet of vehicles includes 40 refrigerators and 6 low-tonnage tilt trucks. For quite a long period of time in the logistics services market, Viaduk M LLC has established itself as a reliable and efficient partner. The high professionalism of our team guarantees high quality service and an individual approach to each client, which is confirmed by valid certificates ISO 9001: 2015 and GDP, as well as positive reviews from our wide partner base.

We transport
  • Pharma goods
  • Cosmetics and perfumery
  • Electronics and home appliances

  • Perishable food with maintenance of t mode from -25 to +25

  • Сhemistry and paints
  • Clothes and accessories

Main routes

Why us?
  • Increased safety requirements

    All refrigerators have additional TAPA locks, noise alarms to protect the cargo from possible damage or theft. Using GPS, we know when and for how long the doors of the semitrailer were opened, what temperature was maintained during the entire transportation period. This allows you to quickly respond to any deviations.

  • Double-deck cargo loading system

    Double Decker refrigerators are semi-trailers where transverse rods are attached to the inner walls with special embedded elements, designed for uniform placement of goods in two tiers. The double decker loading system doubles the number of spaces for pallets and other containers. Thus, we get an increased capacity of 66 euro pallets.
  • Semitrailers in special version "Pharma", GDP certified

    Semi-trailers in the "Pharma" version are equipped with reinforced Carrier Vector 1950 units with four temperature control sensors, have the "PharmaServ" factory certificates by Schmitz Cargobull. These semi-trailers undergo an annual calibration of temperature registration sensors, mapping, validation to ensure the accuracy of the temperature regime.

  • Trucks of ecological class Euro 5,6
    Our fleet is regularly serviced and updated, which guarantees a high level of services provided without unforeseen delays.
  • Status of customs carrier
    This status allows you to transport expensive goods without convoys and issuance of additional guarantees, as well as save both time waiting for these procedures and money to pay for them.
  • Tracking of transport (GPS online monitoring)
    From loading to unloading, we track your cargo using GPS signals. When transporting especially valuable cargo, a special security system is activated, automatically informing the transport manager of an unplanned stop or deviation from the route.
  • GDP and ISO 9001 certification
    We have a specialized trucks fleet for the transportation of pharmaceutical goods and the team of managers trained in GDP.
  • Option 2 drivers
    We provide a crew of 2 drivers for especially expensive cargo and for express delivery.
We guarantee the fulfillment of orders on schedule, we work 24/7, 365 days a year
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Our contacts
Skype: vanpetrushko
225409 Baranovichi, Belarus
214032 Smolensk, Russia

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